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There has never been a greater emphasis on environmental responsibility in the workplace. As our understanding of human impact on the world increases, so the responsibility for businesses to improve their environmental management systems grows.

ISO 14001 is a leading standard used across the globe. Training your employees to continually improve environmental management processes and procedures, through comprehensive and cost-effective training can help your organisation to appeal to customers and remain legally compliant.

Course participants are given a detailed understanding of best practice techniques and requirements laid out in ISO 14001:2015. Exoro Consulting is able to deliver both IRCA accredited and non-accredited ISO 14001 training courses as required.


ISO 14001:2015 EMS Implementation

This course is suitable for beginners in environmental management. Participants will gain knowledge of the history of environmental management and the requirements to obtain ISO 14001:2015 certification.

ISO 14001 Internal Auditor

This course is suitable for businesses looking to develop the skills to perform their own internal audits. Themes covered include the planning, preparation, conducting and reporting on environmental management systems to remain compliant and reduce waste.

Course Delivery Options

ISO 14001 environmental management systems training courses may be delivered:

  1. At your place of work
  2. In a classroom


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