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Health and Safety ISO 45001 Audit

There is nothing more important within a business than ensuring the safety of staff and customers. Taking health and safety matters seriously is not only a legal obligation for employers, it is also a duty that should regularly be revisited and improved upon whenever possible. This commitment to health and safety management is evident in any company that is ISO 45001 certificated.

In order to achieve this internationally recognised standard for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, it is first important for you to undertake an internal audit to identify your organisation’s strengths and weaknesses.

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What does an internal ISO 45001 audit do?

Health and safety systems and standards are reviewed against defined requirements and standard criteria. Typically, an auditor will look to review all documentation a business has in place, hold interviews with key personnel and perform an inspection of an organisation’s premises to assess whether a business has implemented health and safety management systems effectively.

Internally auditing health and safety systems with the assistance of an independent, impartial auditor is a tried and tested method of improving an organisation’s ability to minimise risk and protect its workforce. This can include:

  • Reducing accident and incident rates by tackling hazards in the workplace
  • Improving incident investigation processes
  • Increasing employee confidence in the business
  • Improving workplace productivity by reducing business disruption
  • Enhancing corporate credibility
  • Minimising employer liability

Why is an ISO 45001 certification important?

Achieving certification demonstrates not only that your business is prepared to meet its legal health and safety obligations but that you have gone further to protect staff and customers.

Why choose Exoro Consulting for your ISO 45001 audit?

If you have existing systems in place but need an auditor to review your premises and overall compliance, Exoro Consulting has the industry expertise to help you make crucial improvements.

An auditor should be both impartial and objective to carry out an accurate and fair audit of your business. They should also have the knowledge and the expertise to make clear, pertinent recommendations as part of their analysis.

At Exoro Consulting, we not only offer industry-leading ISO 45001 auditing services but work with management teams to make recommendations based on the findings of an audit and tailored to your business’s requirements.

Not all auditors are created equal

As with any audit, the framework for the checks and assessments are standardised. But at Exoro Consulting we go beyond the pre-defined questions to better understand the nature of any challenges or weaknesses.

Ahead of an audit, we will arrange a meeting with the relevant personnel within your business – usually a Health & Safety manager or operations director – to agree the scope of the work and create a schedule for the auditing process. At the conclusion of the auditing process, our auditor will provide you with corrective actions – steps that should be taken to eliminate any problems that have been found.

Our focus is never on being overly critical of a business or giving employees cause to fear the auditing process. Instead, we encourage all those involved within a business to invest in the process. At times, this may involve the provision of training to employees.

Find out more about our Health and Safety Training service.

Depending on the scale of the improvements required in a business, we may recommend a further internal audit. Alternatively, it may be possible for the organisation to proceed with a certification audit.

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