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Quality ISO 9001 Audit

An ISO 9001 audit enables a business to ensure that quality management systems comply with regulations and allows any issues to be corrected and improved ahead of a Certification Audit.

An internal ISO 9001 audit is an independent and objective assessment of a business that systematically checks and documents an organisation’s processes and procedures, evaluating compliance in line with industry standards.

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Why do I need an independent internal audit?

An internal audit is a necessary part of refining a business’s quality management systems ahead of auditing for ISO 9001 certification. However, if your business is already ISO 9001 certificated, regular internal audits are also necessary to ensure that the compliance with policies and procedures is maintained and built upon over time.

Identifying opportunities to make improvements and efficiency savings can be hugely beneficial to businesses. Typically, audits should be performed by an auditor from outside the business; someone who is impartial and not immersed in day-to-day business.

Driving continual improvement is an integral part of ISO 9001. For this reason, regular internal and external audits are recommended. It is not, however, necessary to audit every process or every division of a business at one time – particularly where an organisation is spread over a number of geographical locations.

If a new management system has recently been incorporated into your business processes, it is important to audit the new procedures at least once before a Certification Audit.

Why choose Exoro Consulting for your ISO 9001 audit?

An auditor should be both impartial and objective to carry out an accurate and fair audit of your business. They should also have the knowledge and the expertise to make clear, pertinent recommendations as part of their analysis.

Thanks to the extensive work our team have done around the globe within a range of businesses and industries, we not only offer accurate ISO 9001 auditing services but work with management teams to make recommendations based on the findings of an audit and tailored to your business’s requirements.

Not all auditors are created equal

While an ISO 9001 audit is a relatively standardised process, it is important to note that the quality of the audit will always rely on the skill and aptitude of the auditor themselves. While a client will generally be asked to define the criteria for an audit, we believe in the importance of supporting the organisations we work with to get the most out of every audit they undertake.

We not only look to assess the processes and systems within your business but also go beyond the pre-defined questions to better understand the nature of any challenges or weaknesses.

Ahead of an audit, we will arrange a meeting with the relevant personnel within your business – usually a quality manager or operations director – to agree the scope of the work and create a schedule for the auditing process. At the conclusion of the auditing process, our auditor will provide you with corrective actions – steps that should be taken to eliminate any problems that have been found.

Depending on the scale of the improvements required in a business, we may recommend a further internal audit. Alternatively, it may be possible for the organisation to proceed with a certification audit.

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