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Environmental ISO 14001 Audit

Finding the right balance between the day-to-day management of a business and minimising the environmental impact of an organisation can be a challenge. However, ensuring that environmental standards are met is something that all organisations should be focused on in the 21st century.

At Exoro Consulting, we not only support businesses to achieve ISO 14001 certification through our training and consultancy services; we also offer internal audits to ensure that organisations are certification-ready.

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Why is an ISO 14001 certification important?

Achieving certification demonstrates that your business is prepared to meet its environmental obligations in line with an internationally recognised standard. However, the benefits of becoming ISO 14001 go further than this. They include:

  • Improved management of environmental risks
  • A reduction in waste
  • A reduction in energy consumption resulting in cost savings
  • Greater appeal to prospective clients and partners
  • Limitation of liability (often resulting in reduced insurance costs)

Government, regulators and customers now demand to see a business’s commitment to managing its environmental impact. ISO 14001 shows all stakeholders a willingness to meet this responsibility.

What does an internal ISO 14001 audit involve?

An ISO 14001 audit is essential for businesses wanting to show that they have their Environmental Management Systems (EMS) in place and running effectively. As with all quality audits, an ISO 14001 audit utilises a checklist to establish compliance and identify any issues that may fall outside of the certification’s framework.

First and foremost, the board and senior management within a business will be required to demonstrate a commitment to the development and implementation of an EMS. Resources must then be allocated along with the corresponding roles and responsibilities to ensure that activities can be undertaken effectively.

The scope of an EMS and the extent of any environmental management activities should be clearly detailed in order for the audit to be carried out effectively. As part of an effective auditing process, it is also possible to identify weaknesses outside of the business in the supply chain or in the work carried out by partner businesses.

Audits are not only necessary in attaining the certification but should also be completed on at least an annual basis to ensure that compliance is maintained in the future.

Why choose Exoro Consulting for your ISO 14001 audit?

If you have existing systems in place but need an auditor to assess your premises and overall compliance, Exoro Consulting has the industry expertise to help you make crucial improvements. An auditor should be both impartial and objective to carry out an accurate and fair audit of your business. They should also have the knowledge and the expertise to make clear, pertinent recommendations as part of their analysis.

At Exoro Consulting, our auditing team has extensive experience in the development and implementation of Environmental Management Systems. Not only are we well-placed to offer environmental reviews and legal compliance advice, we can also offer assistance with decontamination and waste minimisation projects for organisations working across the construction and heavy industry sectors.

Our skill and experience means that we are able to generate a tailored, comprehensive audit checklist that ultimately gives your business stronger foundations on which to build and improve your environment management systems.

Our focus is never on being overly critical of a business or giving employees cause to fear the auditing process. Instead, we work hard to understand the challenges facing our clients and support them in finding solutions. In some instances, this may involve the provision of additional training to employees.

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